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Capricorn tomorrow | Horoscope Today 31 December : On which zodiac sign is the grace of the planet? What amount of disaster?

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NEWSKFM : Capricorn tomorrow : Horoscope Today 31 December 2022: Mercury in Sagittarius on the last day of the year, whose luck will open?

Aries –  Moon will be in your sign, which will boost your confidence. If you are thinking of investing in starting a new business or advancing an already running business, the day is very auspicious for that.

You will be able to complete the tasks left at work and you will get support from friends and well-wishers from time to time. On the last day of the year, people should ignore the mistakes of the New Year party.As you may face some health related problems, doing yoga pranayama regularly will be beneficial for your health.

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Taurus– Mind will be restless due to financial constraints, see where money is stuck and try to get out. Read all legal documents carefully before signing any papers.The list of expenses can be long at the end of the week and especially in the new year. Spouse will be upset due to your illness. It is important to understand the spouse’s point of view. One mistake of yours can ruin your image socially. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Gemini – Don’t expect any kind of change in job right now. You will utilize the free time and get all the work done easily. Salaries will work without any tension or fear of competition. Share food with family and your thoughts in anticipation. There is a risk of leg injury.

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Cancer– There may be situation of change of place in office. Others at work will be attracted to your personality. Your ambition will lead to new successes. Your wife may be agitated and irritable.Youngsters ready for competition should focus on hard work, work hard to succeed in tough competition. Indigestion and gas are likely to occur if there is a lot of fried food during weekends and New Year. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Leo – There may be talk of marriage for singles. The day is favorable for loving couples. Can organize religious prayers at home with family members. You will enjoy the love of family members. Barter related business will be successful.Employees will get good results if they make some changes. If you are looking for a job, keep your efforts and you will succeed. There is a possibility of promotion. You will be financially secure. Bone disorders are likely. (Capricorn tomorrow)

VIRGO – There may be losses due to interruptions in work, but you will be engaged in trying to achieve success in your hard work. Flexibility should be brought in the work arrangement according to the time.

Do your marketing work very carefully. If the office workers work harder than on other days, the work will be completed. Eat digestible food. Youngsters will face difficulties when the examination date approaches next year. Be aware of vehicle accidents. (Capricorn tomorrow)

LIBRA – With the arrival of the New Year, the hotel, restaurant business will see an influx of customers and money towards the end of the week. Solving complex problems will get good results.At the end of the week, with the arrival of New Year, you can plan dinner with your family. We start each new year day with only and only positive thoughts, but surely positive changes will come in our life. At home the mind will be happy and cheerful. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Scorpio– Your wife’s health will improve. Business conditions will be very good. Making the right decision at the right time can make you successful. Family business work will be successful.You will get some new benefits. By the end of the week it will be better for you not to lend to anyone. Good time is going to fulfill the goal, so keep doing your work. Your mind will be happy due to increase in income. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Sagittarius – Looking at the past year and the upcoming new year, don’t expect any changes in your job right now. Wait for good time. Your social status will increase.Can buy property or vehicle. If you are traveling for work, leave home between 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. But do not do any auspicious work like marriage, household, engagement, auspicious time and auspicious work right now. (Capricorn tomorrow)



CAPRICORN – You want to achieve a lot in business, but you will be hurt by hasty decisions. You have to face some challenges. If you keep an eye on your spending, keeping in mind the past year and the coming year,you will be able to improve your future. You may experience stress and tension at home which will disrupt your concentration at work. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Aquarius – If you have taken a loan for business, keep repaying it, otherwise your image in the market may be tarnished. Do not be ignorant of the activities of colleagues at work.Will do well in professional field. The contribution you make at work will be appreciated by colleagues. Morning walk will be good for you. Your mental and physical health is important to you at this time.Partying with the family can be planned at the end of the week and at the arrival of the New Year. (Capricorn tomorrow)

Pisces – You should consult your elders on important family matters. Advice from elders is always fruitful. At the end of the week and in the past year and the coming new year, the formation of Sunfa, Paridha and Vasi yogas will make exchange related business successful and you may also get some outstanding money. (Capricorn tomorrow)


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