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Winning Boxing Gloves | Best 2024.

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NEWSKFM : Winning boxing gloves :  Harron: We want a two-fight deal with Serrano – the Erika Cruz fight, then the Taylor rematch. Eddie Hearn has an interesting two-fight plan in mind that could add Amanda Serrano to her already storied career.

winning boxing gloves

With February 4 in New York City as the target, talks are underway for an undisputed lineal/WBA/WBC/IBF/WBO featherweight championship between record-setting Serrano and Mexico City’s Erika Cruz.

As previously reported by, Serrano plans to become Puerto Rico’s first undisputed champion, man or woman, and in any weight class, and rematch Ireland’s Katie Taylor between her next two bouts. Will matchObviously, our priority is to rematch with Katie Taylor.

Also we want to have a two war pact with them. There is a huge opportunity for Serrano to fight Cruz and then Taylor in a big rematch.For Serrano to be undisputed at 126 and then fight Katie again at 135 in Croke Park in Dublin, it makes that rematch even greater if you can imagine it.”



Serrano (43-2-1, 30KOs) – the Brooklyn-based Boricua southpaw – came so close to making history for his beloved island, dropping a hard-fought split decision to Ireland’s Taylor (22-0, 6KOs) . Their unforgettable April 30 clash came in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City and remains a leading contender in the race for 2022 Fight of the Year.

With Taylor potentially fighting in Ireland for the first time in his incredible career, post-fight talk turned to the possibility of a rematch. The two-time Olympian and 2012 Olympic gold medalist – who played a major role in getting women boxing allowed in the Olympics starting in 2012 – her primary aim is to spotlight Croke Park, a football stadium in Dublin with more than 82,000 seats.

To bring in Matchroom Boxing promotes both Hearn-Taylor and Cruz (15-1, 3KOs), who holds the WBA featherweight title.Serrano returned to featherweight for her most recent bout, an impressive ten-round victory over previously unbeaten Sarah Mahfoud in their lineal/WBC/IBF/WBO unification bout on 24 September in Manchester,

England. Serrano won by scores of 97–93, 97–93 and 99–92 to defend his WBC/WBO titles, ending Mahfoud’s IBF title reign.From there the goal was to take the last chip. The WBA aided in this task by taking the unprecedented step of ordering fights between title winners as part of its One Boxing program to push for an undisputed champion in each weight class.



Matchroom is fully on board with the venture, as the company is equally involved in the Alicia Baumgardner-Hyun Mi Choi Undisputed Championship in the 130-pound division – a move initiated by Baumgardner (13-1, 7KOs).It is expected to stage Serrano-Cruz and Baumgardner-Choi – or at least a Baumgardner title defense if Choi is not ready in time – at the same show on February 4 in New York City.

By then, Hearn is already looking to secure a confirmed fight date for Taylor-Serrano II, as the clock is ticking to secure a date for Taylor’s next fight.”They have three options at Croke Park. We would like to pick one within the next two weeks at the latest. We want it to be Amanda Serrano.”

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What gloves did Mike Tyson wear? Winning Boxing Gloves.

Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer, is known for wearing a specific brand of boxing gloves during his fights. Throughout his career, Tyson primarily used boxing gloves made by the brand Grant. Grant boxing gloves are renowned for their quality and are popular among professional boxers.

The specific model or design of gloves Tyson wore may have varied depending on the fight and his preferences at the time. However, Grant gloves were commonly associated with his boxing career.

How many oz boxing gloves should I get? Winning Boxing Gloves.

The weight of boxing gloves is typically measured in ounces (oz), and the appropriate weight depends on various factors, including your body weight, training purpose, and regulations for the specific boxing event or training facility. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Training and Sparring: For training and sparring purposes, it is common to use gloves ranging from 12 oz to 16 oz. The choice within this range often depends on your body weight. Heavier gloves provide more padding and can help reduce the risk of injury for both you and your training partner.
  2. Competitive Boxing: In amateur boxing matches, the weight of gloves used is often determined by weight class. For example, 10 oz gloves are typically used in the lighter weight divisions, while heavier divisions may require 12 oz or even 16 oz gloves.
  3. Heavy Bag and Pad Work: When hitting a heavy bag or focus pads, it is common to use gloves between 12 oz and 16 oz. Again, the specific weight within this range depends on personal preference, hand size, and the level of protection desired.

It is important to check the rules and regulations of your training facility or event if you are participating in organized boxing. They may have specific requirements regarding glove weight. Additionally, consulting with your coach or a knowledgeable trainer can provide personalized recommendations based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Can you lace boxing gloves by yourself? Winning Boxing Gloves.

Yes, it is possible to lace boxing gloves by yourself. While it can be a bit more challenging compared to having someone else help you, with a little practice and patience, you can learn to lace your boxing gloves effectively. Here’s a general step-by-step guide:

  1. Place your hand inside the glove: Slide your hand into the glove and make sure your fingers are properly positioned in the glove’s finger compartments.
  2. Start lacing from the bottom: Begin lacing from the bottom of the glove, near the wrist area. Pull the lace through the bottom eyelet from the inside of the glove, leaving a small tail on the inside for knotting later.
  3. Cross and loop: Cross the lace over to the opposite side, passing it through the corresponding eyelet. Repeat this process, crisscrossing the laces through the eyelets, alternating sides until you reach the top of the glove.
  4. Secure the lace at the top: Once you reach the top eyelet, tie a secure knot to keep the laces in place. You can use a double knot to ensure it stays tight during your training or bout.
  5. Repeat for the other glove: Repeat the same lacing process for your other glove, ensuring both gloves are laced evenly and snugly.

It’s worth mentioning that different glove models may have variations in their lacing systems. Therefore, it’s a good idea to refer to the specific instructions provided by the glove manufacturer if available.

Remember to lace the gloves tightly enough to provide proper support and stability, but not so tight that it restricts blood flow or causes discomfort. Adjust the tightness as needed to find a comfortable fit for your hands.

If you find it challenging or are unsure about lacing your gloves by yourself, consider asking a coach, trainer, or experienced boxer to demonstrate the process and provide guidance.

How do you break in boxing gloves fast? Winning Boxing Gloves.

Breaking in boxing gloves can help make them more comfortable and conform better to your hand shape. While it may take some time for gloves to fully break in, there are a few methods you can try to expedite the process:

  1. Wear them during training: The most natural way to break in boxing gloves is to use them during training sessions. Punching bags, focus pads, and sparring sessions help loosen up the padding and shape the gloves to your hand. Regular use will gradually break them in over time.
  2. Use glove softening products: Some products are specifically designed to help soften and break in boxing gloves. These products typically come in the form of sprays, gels, or balms that you apply to the interior and exterior of the gloves. Follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer for the best results.
  3. Roll and flex the gloves: Before and after training sessions, you can roll and flex the gloves to help loosen the padding and break them in faster. Squeeze and manipulate the gloves with your hands, flexing the material and working the padding to make them more pliable.
  4. Moisture and heat: Some people find success with methods involving moisture and heat. One technique is to lightly dampen the gloves with water, put them on, and then repeatedly make a fist and open your hand to help shape them. Another method is to use a hairdryer on low heat, directing warm air into the gloves while flexing and manipulating them. Be cautious not to use excessive heat or expose the gloves to direct flame, as it can damage the materials.

It’s important to note that breaking in boxing gloves is a gradual process, and rushing it too much can potentially damage or reduce the lifespan of the gloves. Patience and consistent use over time will ultimately provide the best results.

How do you break in gloves naturally? Winning Boxing Gloves.

To break in boxing gloves naturally, you can follow these steps:

  1. Wear them during training: The most effective and natural way to break in gloves is to use them during your training sessions. Regularly punching bags, working with focus pads, and engaging in sparring will gradually loosen the padding and mold the gloves to the shape of your hand. Over time, the gloves will become more comfortable and form-fitting.
  2. Properly position your hands: When wearing the gloves, ensure that your hand is positioned correctly inside the glove. Your fingers should be placed in the finger compartments, and your thumb should be securely in the thumb compartment. Proper hand placement allows the gloves to mold to your hand’s natural shape more effectively.
  3. Use hand wraps: Hand wraps provide an additional layer of padding and support inside the gloves. Wrapping your hands before putting on the gloves can help distribute the impact and pressure more evenly, which aids in breaking in the gloves naturally. It also helps absorb sweat and keeps the gloves cleaner.
  4. Flex and manipulate the gloves: Before and after training sessions, spend a few minutes flexing and manipulating the gloves with your hands. Squeeze and roll them, making fists and opening your hands repeatedly. This helps to soften the padding and make the gloves more pliable, aiding in the natural breaking-in process.
  5. Be patient: Breaking in gloves naturally takes time. It may require several training sessions or even weeks of use before you notice a significant difference. Patience is key, as the gloves gradually adjust and mold to your hand shape with each use.

By consistently wearing the gloves during training, properly positioning your hands, using hand wraps, and manipulating the gloves, you can naturally break them in over time, resulting in a more comfortable and personalized fit.

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