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Tottenham Hotspur FC SoccerWay : How to watch Tottenham Hotspur FC vs K-League All-Stars: live stream, TV channel, start time.

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NEWSKFM  : Tottenham Hotspur FC SoccerWay  : Tottenham Hotspur FC will face South Korean K-League All-Stars today for an international club friendship. Tottenham Hotspur and K-League All-Stars will play in a club friendly at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. K League All-Stars is a club made up of South Korea’s top club players.

The match is part of the Kupang play series where Tottenham will play Sevilla FC over the weekend.
How to watch Tottenham Hotspur FC vs K-League All-Stars today:

Date of play: July 13, 2022

Play time: 7:00 a.m. ET


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Tottenham finished fourth in the 21-22 Premier League season where the Spurs qualified for the group stage of the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League. The club will then return to the UK where they will face the Rangers before heading to Israel to play Roma in the final club friendly before the start of the English Premier League season.

The K-League All-Star will have 24 players with two players from each of the K-League 1 teams representing the All-Stars. About a dozen players have played for the national team in the roster. K-Leauge will use Jo Hyeon-wo in the goal and try to find Um Won-sang behind the net.

The K-League stars are battling Tottenham at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul for the 2022 Kupang Play Series. Read here to check out how to watch this game on TV or live stream at your location.

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K-association Stars and Tottenham meet in the 2022 Coupang Play series. The match will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

The home team has the best roster available but visitors want to try new things. Here is all the detailed information about this Kupang play series game including how to watch it on TV or live stream in your country. You can watch the game live on FuboTV in the United States.

This will be the first game of the season for Tottenham Hotspurs, they are traveling around the world to test their attacking attack and defense and to test some new players.



The K-League stars will be made up of a roster of the best players in the local league, including Jeju United FC’s Gerso Fernandez, who is fighting for a place in the AFC and is ranked 4th in the table. Champions League K-League Star vs Tottenham: Kick-off time The K-League Stars and Tottenham are playing for the 2022 Kupang Play Series on Wednesday, July 13 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

Another international tournament where the best players in a country play against a team in the top Premier League. (Tottenham Hotspur FC SoccerWay)

Australia: 9pm
Bahamas: 7:00 p.m.
Bangladesh: 5 pm
Barbados: 8am
Belize: 5:00 AM
Botswana: 4:30 p.m.
Brazil: 8 am
Brunei: 6 p.m.
Burundi: 1:00 PM
Cameroon: 12 noon
Canada: 7:00 AM
Ethiopia: 2:00 PM
Fiji: 11:00 PM
France: 1:00 p.m.
Gambia: 11:00 AM
Germany: 1:00 PM
Ghana: 11:00 AM
Guyana: 8 a.m.
India: 4:30 p.m.
Ireland: 12 noon
Italy: 1:00 p.m.
Jamaica: 6:00 AM
Kenya: 6:00 AM
Lesotho: 1:00 PM
Liberia: 11:00 AM
Malawi: 7:00 PM
Malaysia: 6 p.m.
Malta: 1:00 PM
Mauritius: 3:00 p.m.
Mexico: 6:00 AM
Namibia: 1:00 PM
Netherlands: 1:00 PM
New Zealand: 11:00 PM
Nigeria: 12 noon
Pakistan: 4 p.m.
Papua New Guinea: 9:00 PM
Philippines: 6 p.m.
Portugal: 12 noon
Rwanda: 1:00 PM
Sierra Leone: 11:00 AM
Singapore: 6 p.m.
Solomon Islands: 10:00 PM
South Africa: 1:00 p.m.
South Sudan: 1:00 PM
South Korea: 8 p.m.
Spain: 1:00 PM
Sri Lanka: 4:30 p.m.
Sudan: 1:00 PM
Tanzania: 2:00 p.m.
Trinidad and Tobago: 8:00 am
Uganda: 2:00 PM
United Kingdom: 12 noon
United States: 7:00 AM (ET)
Zambia: 1:00 PM
Zimbabwe: 1:00 PM

K-League Star vs Tottenham: TV channels and live streaming
Australia: Spursplay
Bahamas: Spursplay
Bangladesh: Spursplay
Barbados: Spursplay
Belize: Spursplay
Botswana: Spursplay
Brazil: Spursplay, Star +.
Brunei: Spursplay
Burundi: Spursplay
Cameroon: Spursplay
Canada: Spursplay
Esbatini: Spursplay
Ethiopia: Spursplay
Fiji: Spursplay
France: Spursplay
Gambia: Spursplay
Germany: Spursplay
Ghana: Spursplay
Guyana: Spursplay
India: Spursplay
Ireland: Spursplay
Italy: Spursplay
Jamaica: Spursplay
Kenya: Spursplay
Lesotho: Spursplay
Liberia: Spursplay
Malawi: Spursplay
Malaysia: SpursPLAY
Malta: Spursplay
Mauritius: Spursplay
Mexico: Spursplay
Namibia: Spursplay
Netherlands: Spursplay
New Zealand: Spursplay
Nigeria: Spursplay
Pakistan: Spursplay
Papua New Guinea: Spursplay
Philippines: Spursplay
Portugal: Spursplay
Rwanda: Spursplay
Sierra Leone: Spursplay
Singapore: Spursplay
Solomon Islands: SpursPLAY
South Africa: Spursplay
South Sudan: SpursPLAY
Spain: Spursplay
Sri Lanka: Spursplay
Sudan: Spursplay
Tanzania: Spursplay
Trinidad and Tobago: Spursplay
Uganda: Spursplay
UK: Spursplay
United States: FuboTV, CBSSportsNetwork
Zambia: Spursplay
Zimbabwe: Spursplay

How to watch K-League Star vs Tottenham anywhere
If you want to watch this K-League Star vs Tottenham game for the 2022 Kupang Play Series with a live streaming service, it is not available in your country, you can use Atlas VPN to bypass the block.

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