Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List : South Indian Wedding Food Menu List Best (2024)

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NEWSKFM : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List : Indian weddings are resplendent multi-day affairs full of music, rituals, vibrant attire and sumptuous vegetarian feasts.

Veg Food list in Indian Wedding is the important part as most people prefer vegetarian food made from organic items and I collected list from various wedding what you can add in veg food menu.

Traditional Indian cuisine offers immense regional diversity, complexity of spices, and creativity that makes for memorable dining at weddings. From comforting staples to snacky street foods, let’s explore the scrumptious veg delicacies that grace Indian wedding veg menus list to fuel celebrations.

Indian Wedding veg Food Menu list : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

If you are a weeding event organizer or a normal parson who are looking to add veg food menu on Indian wedding in the limited budget that will people love to eat best for vegetarian lover.

Food menu list contains different food items from different Indian region and made a combination of list which will give epic taste to the people in wedding.

Staple Dishes : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

These essential vegetarian dishes form the comforting, familiar base of wedding menus across India shop organic food online store and make these dishes.

Dal :
Protein-packed lentil stews like curry-laced dal makhani or creamy chana dal are standard fare.

Sabzi :
vegetable curries and dry preparations like baigan bharta or gobhi aloo inject color and freshness.

Rice :
Fluffy basmati rice, aromatic biryani, tender pulaos — rice is integral.

Roti :
Naan, puri, paratha and more hot Indian breads perfect for dipping.

Raita :
Yogurt-based raitas made with boondi, cucumber or pineapple provide cooling contrast.

Appetizers : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Crispy, savory appetizers excite palates and spice up weddings. This food will make your brain happy.

Pakoras :
These flavorful fritters of paneer, spinach, onion or other veggies make popular bite-sized snacks.

Samosas :
Crisp, flaky pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas satisfy cravings.

Chaat :
Sweet, tangy and crunchy chaats like pani puri, sev puri or dahi bhalla kickstart appetites.

Salads :
Zesty Indian vegetable salads refresh between rich dishes.

Kachumber :
A simple chopped salad with cucumber, tomato and onion tossed in chili and lime juice.

Dahi Bhalla :
Lentil dumplings dunked in sweet yogurt topped with chutneys and spices.

Aloo Chat :
Potatoes, chickpeas and spices come together in this street-style salad.

Main Courses :
Hearty mains make up the bulk of the meal with veggie protein, grains and curries.

Paneer Dishes :
Cubes of creamy cottage cheese shine in matar paneer, palak paneer and kadai paneer.

Kofta Curry :
Vegetable or lentil koftas in vibrant curries are always winners.

Bharta :
Mashed roasted eggplant or other vegetables like baingan or paneer bharta soak up flavors.

Biryani :
Aromatic rice layered with vegetables and spices makes filling one-pot meals.

Pulav :
Tender rice cooked with peas, carrots and myriad spices.

Accompaniments : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Condiments add final flavorful touches.

Chutneys :
Cooling mint chutney, sweet tamarind and spicy coriander chutney contrast dishes.

Crispy, delicate lentil papad wafer fries offer zesty crunch.

Achaar :
Pickled vegetables like lime pickle and mango pickle incorporate tang.

Dips :
Raita, spinach or eggplant dips provide creaminess and moisture.

Drinks :
Thirst-quenching drinks keep guests refreshed.

Lassi :
The iconic yogurt smoothie comes in sweet or salted flavors.

Jaljeera :
A cooling cumin, mint and tamarind drink provides zing.

Masala Chai :
Spiced Indian tea with milk unites all.

Sharbat :
Sweet rose or khus syrup drinks rejuvenate palates.

Desserts :
A meal is not complete without a sweet finale.

Kheer :
Creamy rice pudding scented with cardamom and saffron.

Gajar Halwa :
Carrots caramelized in ghee and milk make this classic dessert.

Gulab Jamun :
Fried dough balls soaked in rose-cardamom syrup.

Jalebi :
Saffron-orange colored squiggly fried pastries submerged in sugar syrup.

Rasmalai :
Spongy cottage cheese patties bathed in velvety saffron milk.



Late Night Street Food : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

After the formal reception, street style chaats and snacks fuel the dance party.

Pav Bhaji :
Mashed veggie curry served with soft bread rolls.

Vada Pav :
Fried potato fritter sandwiches with chutneys.

Sev Puri :
Crisp flatbread topped with potatoes, chutneys and crunchy noodles.

Dosa :
Crispy lentil and rice crepes with sambhar and chutney dips.

How to Serve Veg Menu Items in Indian Weeding : Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Presentation Style :

  • Offer dishes in a buffet spread for self-service or plate and serve individual portions at tables.
  • Include rotating stations like a chaat bar and late night street food stand.
  • Garnish dishes attractively with edible flowers, chopped herbs, nuts or a dollop of raita.

Pairings and Sequence :

  • Accompany spicy curries with cooling raita, chutneys, salad and rice dishes.
  • Intermix rich, creamy dishes with lighter vegetable ones. Vary textures.
  • Serve crisp papad as palate cleansers between courses.
  • Finish meals with sweet desserts like kheer or syrupy jalebi.

Portion Control :

  • Use signs to label vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.
  • Keep serving spoons small to control portions and waste.
  • Monitor chaat and snack stations for over-indulgence.
  • For plated service, serve sensible portions with visual appeal.

Service Style :

  • For buffets, refresh dishes before they empty and restock cutlery and plates.
  • Offer politely plated seconds to seated guests. Clear plates promptly.
  • Pour drinks and tea at the table politely and attentively.
  • Circulate with water and beverage refills. Check on guests’ needs.

You can use this Indian Weeding Menu list items and make some of them and you can perfectly cater an incredible vegetarian celebration.

It better if you use organic grains, and organic flour to make some of the items for health conscious people organic food items taste better then regular do it if you have some extra penny in your hands.

You can do shop of organic items to create Indian weeding veg items list or shop regular ingredients to make all the stuff in budget that depends on you.

Final Words: What to eat in weeding?

You can whatever you want if you are health freak avoid oily and fatty foods stay on salad and light diet. If you are foodie eat as much as you can cause it celebration times enjoy your food.

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What food to serve at Indian wedding? Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Top 21 Food & Cuisines For Indian Wedding.

  1. Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pasanda
  2. Zafrani Pulao
  3. Dal Bukhara
  4. Dahi Bhalle
  5. Dilli ki Chaat
  6. Aloo ki tikki
  7. Litti Chokha
  8. Risottos
  9. DIY Dessert -Chocolate Fondue
  10. Amba Khatta
  11. Smoked Dal Makhani
  12. Pasta Primavera
  13. Butter Chicken
  14. Dahi Baingan
  15. Gajar Halwa
  16. Jalebis
  17. Kachori sabzi
  18. Pan
  19. Veg Makhanwala
  20. Golgappa
  21. Gulabjamun

What food is best to serve at a wedding? Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Generally, a typical wedding menu for a buffet might include a chicken entree, beef, pasta, multiple side dish options, salad, and dinner rolls. We recommend including options for vegan guests and those with dietary restrictions. You also can tweak the buffet options to include a favorite dish, from seafood to lamb.

What are traditional wedding foods? Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

Traditional American Wedding Menu
  • Classic Shrimp Cocktail. Fresh Lemon & Cocktail Sauce.
  • Hot Artichoke & Red Pepper Dip. 4 Cheeses Dip with Fresh Bread.
  • Deviled Eggs. Dijon, Paprika & Parsley. …
  • Green Garden Salad. …
  • Roasted Prime Rib. …
  • Grilled Chicken Americana. …
  • Creamy Whipped Potatoes.
  • Sunburst Vegetable Medley.

Which food is best for marriage? Indian Wedding Veg Food Menu List .

  • CHAAT.
  • PAAN.


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