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NEWSKFM : The broken marriage vow : Extramarital sex can lead to jail time in Indonesia. Tourists will also fall under the new law of that country. No intercourse before marriage. Physical relationship with anyone other than husband or wife is also not valid. Or imprisonment. Yes, if you are a resident of Indonesia any physical relationship outside of marriage can lead to jail time.

Even if you are visiting the beaches of Bali as a tourist, you are not exempt from this law. In fact, such a law was passed in Indonesia. On Tuesday, Indonesia’s parliament approved a series of amendments to the criminal code outlawing sex outside of marriage. And that law will be applied only after the signature of the President. But not only for locals, tourists will also be subject to this law.(The broken marriage vow)

The broken marriage vow

The controversial bill has been in the works since 2019. which was finally approved on Tuesday. And the new law added a ban on cohabitation outside of marriage, among other fundamental amendments. So if you are accused of having sex outside of marriage, you can be jailed for up to a year.

However, if unmarried, the punishment for cohabitation of couples can be slightly reduced to six months.But what is a punishable offense to be accused without any evidence? In that case, no final decision will be taken without the intervention of the police. Any charge must be considered punishable on the basis of a police report lodged by the spouse, parents or children of the accused persons.(The broken marriage vow)

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Several other amendments have also been made. The corresponding amendment makes it a crime to promote contraception and blasphemy and to insult current national leaders or national ideals. In this case also the decision of the President will be final.

That is, the accused can be jailed only if the President thinks so. At the same time, those who do not act in accordance with the principles of Indonesia’s recognized religions, such as Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism, face up to five years in prison.

The law also prohibits same-sex relationships.However, a law that naturally cannot be implemented overnight, said Indonesia’s Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Edward Hearij. According to him, it is “impossible” to implement the criminal law in one year. In that case, the Indonesian administration believes that it may take up to three years to fully implement the law.(The broken marriage vow)



The broken marriage vow : A damaged marriage vow refers to a scenario wherein one or each events in a wedding violate or fail to meet the guarantees they made to every different in the course of their wedding ceremony ceremony.

This can encompass infidelity, neglect, or different types of dishonesty or betrayal. The consequences of a damaged marriage vow may be intense and might cause the breakdown of the marriage. In a few cases, it can cause a divorce.

Love marriage and divorce : Love marriage is a form of marriage wherein the people marrying have selected every different in their personal unfastened will, in place of organized marriages wherein the people’ households pick who they may marry. Divorce is the felony dissolution of a wedding through a courtroom docket or different capable body.(The broken marriage vow)

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