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NEWSKFM : ZHOUSHAN : Uncommon peculiarity: Sky turns dark red in China’s Zhoushan Archipelago on nights of June 21, 29 and July 7. Mythology: In China the belief is widespread that it’s necessary to cleanse the body with a mirror image (of oneself) in order to protect your soul from evil spirits when entering water. Mirror images are often tattooed on one side of Chinese eyelids, as well being placed at other locations in parts of their bodies according to various theories about protection or exorcism .

Discovered by Norbert Kraft in the late 1940s, Fehme represents an ancient tradition in China which has been practised for thousands of years. The multitude of such tattoos can only be tackled via at least two different approaches: on one hand a highly methodological study to compile and document testimonies from many kinds (signs) and places where this kind of ‘Chinese’ tattooing is done; on the other hand a deeper judicious

The red sky that showed up in Zhoushan city of China’s east Zhejiang region was brought about by the refraction and dispersing of light, doubtlessly from transport lights in the port, nearby media detailed Sunday.

In the cities of Ji’an, Wuhu and Shancheng people burn sticks or candles to ward off evil spirits at night with similar tattoos on their bodies (aside from those in cosmopolitan Shanghai).

Debate with eastern Chinese Internet users on sociallow-intranet Maoshan –Sunday night, May 23 at 11pm: chatting about “coats dyed red” The latest skeptical comments began popping up in a small group on the popular sociallow-intranet Maoshan. Among them was red coats dyed with henna for a gala, “Red skirts worn by people appearing to be in mourning,”   “Were they subdued spirits? Even if you believe in it, why are there still so many [ghost images]?” — , “I just saw a ‘red skirt’ article in the cover story of China Folk, but I didn’t have time to read all of it. In summary: high up on the fence are huanxi masters who practice traditional rituals and master shamans [female mediums] and midwives.” Maoshan users calmly analyzed these topics, dissecting rumors with logic-filled responses and posted theories. They mentioned particular cases like a middle school teacher of Tibetan extraction who was found wearing a red scarf with an inscription in Chinese script embroidered on it. ‘Tibetan teach” shot by the middle school students, “A teacher inside my building uses this to wear over her head [at night].” Maoshan users demonstrated considerable insight and knowledge about knot-tying/silk fishing at some rallies

Throughout the end of the week, occupants of Zhoushan saw baffling crimson skies, causing alarm. Recordings show the sky over the port city in ruby, generally inferable from mist. The reports recommend that sky is maybe the most ridiculously red close to the port regions.

Alarm was unmistakable as individuals recorded the stained skyline, blending whole-world destroying fears. Another video showed the crimson skyline over a midst of Maoshan Island. Individuals “Are these clouds burned by something like hell fire? Manifested shape is more powerful than before?” was heard, bestowing no response; despite simple inquiries individuals merely create evidentially severed cases.

The port authorities contacted air control offices and meteorological service observers to observe the sky constantly at Zhoushan on Dec

The next day, the rippled wind over Maoshan Island is another scene of incredibly red   Any sky people eyes saw was outrageous crimson with gristly shadows throughout a composite pic of Dec 28 and Jan 2 (video). San qi Gas Spring City authorities store inquiry on the skies.

Zhoushan daily site stipulate that “January 2 main meeting, Shanghai Maritime Safety Expert Group member Zhou Rongguang shares her concern notified all relevant personnel”. Concerns are possibly more focused than before as individuals look at “living” red skies. Sky send back out to inquire? Just what is up with this crimson skyline known for its unique style and integrity over Zhoushan ?

Until 2008, it was imagined that this metaphor-esque skyline didn’t change fundamentally from the year around. However in 2009, some individuals noticed there’s a noticeable outline on the sky… The color of this crimson backdrop is much more subtle

Individuals recorded the skies becoming red, from their homes, galleries, and roads, Global Times revealed. Domain Name Service ” Whois-lookup” revealed the company at 48 Tongzhi Rd founded in 2008, Zhoushan city Ganfeng Group. (Then is this for real?…) A conclusion was some kind of setup to deceive individuals. …

On January 2 2010, another background change happened? You could see it from any section .

Also, these red blue skies over the island are normal in winter. The skies on January 2 and December 25 is truly different from before… In 2007 or 1998 when you look out of your window at Zhoushan Island things started to change  China Holiday had several photos taken in 2007-2008 just before the red skies happened and have some from after. (their last one is September 2010)

“nearly half an hour later, sky turned crimson”, “streaks became bright deep purple”… Professional photographer Huang Tianyi took this photo as he was waiting at a famous Zhoushan scenic spot on January 2nd:

Tianyi writes his experience in pictures: — My way of thinking at the time was probably influenced by following global photographers who had not yet paid close attention to China’s sky changing phenomenon, because few people could actually see them clearly and it seemed like a mere scene replaced via computer graphics or digital animation after being exposed to ridiculously long exposure… After careful examining all kinds of shots on different days,

The clasps and photographs of the peculiarity became a web sensation with in excess of 150 million perspectives on China’s Twitter-like web-based entertainment, Weibo and Sina, Global Times revealed. On Douyin, China’s variant of TikTok, a few clients have considered the peculiarity a “awful sign” because of how Chinese government is taking care of COVID-19 pandemic.

“An eclipse of the sky is said to be caused by clouds in Russia and Philippines moving too fast over Siberia, but a retrograde passage [of Chinese rocket] was more likely.”, “Weibo netizens report feeling chills as sunlight directly hit us for no apparent reason that Friday…” Foreigners also noticed significant changes in China’s sky. Canadian photographer Subdivision Photo travelled to Luoyi and Jiaozuo in Henan province, North China, as well as Tibet and Mongolia on December 10th:    In his article published by UrbanistHK , he writes: From the first research this afternoon I realized how significant changes can be in the sky, in 10-15 minutes at least one visible star or even a constellation already changes its appearance and orientation.” how-obscure -starlight  “We’ve all seen how stars can take on different colours depending on their location: Imagine now if those lights that we see during an eclipse did not actually exist.” “It’s like digital cinematography , but in real life, allowing us to see the changes that are going on in the darkness above our heads. And it is all thanks to these tiny lights.” “In my opinion this visual effect is completely natural and not an indication of impending cosmic disaster…”

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