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Where is Kansai International Airport Located || Kansai International Airport Sinking || Where is Kansai International Airport.

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NEWSKFM : Where is Kansai International Airport Located : Kansai International Airport, Japan started its journey 29 years ago in September 1994. This is the nearest international airport from the busy city of Osaka, Kyoto Kobe, Japan.

38 kilometers southwest of Osaka Station over two artificial islands just in the middle of Osaka BayThis airport has been built.
But the two artificial islands the airports that were built are gradually sinking under the sea. Even, this airport is slowly moving away from the mainland. Experts claim, more than 38 feet of artificial island already submerged.
Experts have also expressed fear that another 13 feet could be submerged under the sea by 2056.
Japan spent more than 13 lakh crore to build airports on two artificial islands. In order to build two artificial islands, five feet high ground was first given above sea surface. He is tied up on him
22 lakh pipes of 16 inch diameter.
Mud sand is mixed with clay over the pipe to strengthen the ground. Two artificial island lands on the Osaka Bay were like wet sponge. Once that land is completely dried up, then the construction of airport begins. The Japan government takes steps to build an airport near Kobe Osaka city from planning to build an airport near Kobe Osaka city, thinking of trade in Tokyo city in the sixties.
Even though the thought of building a new airport in Kobe city, the Japan government comes away from that thought.
Then on to build two artificial islands above sea surface The country decides.
Construction of island started from 1987. Kansai International Airport is built on 2600 acres of land by artificially built two islands. Artificial Islands were connected through two three-kilometer long bridges in 1990. Kansai International Airport is fully effective after four years of bridge construction.
Earthquake occurred in Japan on 17 January 1995. Earthquake killed 6,434 people in Japan’s Honsu Island. There is massive damage too. But Kansai International Airport was completely intact. After that in 1998, the severe cyclone hit the area did not harm the airport.
But Kansai International Airport suffered a lot of damage due to the cyclone of September 4, 2018. Cyclone-affected waterfall causes such conditions, water enters some aircraft engines. Many passengers got stuck inside the airport. Part of the bridge collapsed after a tanker crashed over the bridge through which the airport had contact with the mainland. Airport remains closed for two days.
Kansai International Airport is fully open after a month of hurricane. Bridge work completed by April 8, 2019. According to 2016 calculations, a total of 2 crore 60 lakh passengers traveled to Kansai International Airport. At that time, Kansai Airport was named as Japan’s third busiest Asia’s third busiest airport.
But the continuous drowning of artificial islands has put the Japan government in thinking.
So will this airport go under the sea in decades?
Or will any other action be taken as an alternative to this?

What is special about Kansai International Airport in Osaka? Where is Kansai International Airport Located.

Built off the coast of Senshu in Osaka Bay, Kansai Airport is the world’s first offshore airport constructed on a completely man-made island. It handles roughly 28 million travelers per year.

Is Osaka airport same as Kansai Airport? Where is Kansai International Airport Located.

Kansai International Airport is one of the two airports and the primary international airport in Osaka. The other airport is Osaka (Itami) Airport, where most of Japan’s domestic flights land. Osaka (Itami) Airport is closer to the city as it is approximately 20 kilometers north of Osaka.

What happened to Kansai International Airport? Where is Kansai International Airport Located.

Despite extensive efforts, including raising the terminal area with hydraulic jacks, the airport continues to sink. Engineers are now troubled not merely by the rate of descent but also the unevenness in its submergence, with different parts sinking at varying rates.10 Jan 2024

Which airport in Osaka is better? Where is Kansai International Airport Located.

Kansai International Airport (KIX): Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka is a modern international gateway with great facilities and transport links, though it’s far from downtown. The airport offers expansive terminals, lounges, and shops for a complete travel experience for passengers.

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