The mazhil date (Arabic: مر المجهول - tāmar al-majl, literally, unknown, from هِلَ, not known) also known

as medjool, medjoul or majhool, is a large, sweet cultivated variety of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

is also grown in the Tafilalt region of Morocco, the United States, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia,

South Africa and Jordan. The variety is planted for both harvesting and landscaping. Medjool is a distinctive

Israel currently holds over 60 percent of the global Medjool market share, making it the largest exporter of Medjool dates in the world.

It is grown in the region of southern Iran, mainly in Bam, Jiroft, Kahnuj (in Kerman province), Sarwan, Nikhshahr, Haji Abad and Iranshahr

(in Sistan-o-Baluchistan province), Panjgur, Parom and Buleda in Pakistani provinces. In. of Balochistan.As one of the largest growing

areas of Majafati date palms, the Bam field has about 28,000 hectares (69,000 acres) of land under crop, of which about 5,000 hectares

(12,000 acres) is for young palm trees. It is estimated that Majafati dates account for 20% of Iran's total date palm exports.

About 120,000 tonnes are harvested annually from the land. Mazafati dates can remain in production for more than 60 years.