Trending news today : The world's first unmanned robot-operated cafe is about to open. A 'supermodel'-like robot-run cafe will open in Dubai by 2023.

There are no people in a whole restaurant! So who will serve food to the guests? He is well-off. Beautiful supermodels will serve the guests as staff.

And here is the twist of the story. Because beautiful supermodels are not women of the fashion world, but mechanical robots.

And such a surprise is going to be found in a cafe in Dubai. In fact, technology is advancing with time. And daily life is also completely dependent on technology.

Where robots are taking the place of humans. Not just factories or machines, robots have now entered cafes and offices. However,

the role of robots as waiters in cafes is not new. But Dubai's Donna cyber-café is going to be the most modern example of a completely unmanned,

According to reports, the world's first unmanned 'supermodel' cafe is set to open in 2023. The respective cafe will be open 24 hours.

But the hotel will not only have robots, but 'supermodel' robots. There will also be several self-serve ice cream machines and coffee powered by robot arms.

Although it is not yet known where the amazing Donna cyber-cafe is going to be. However, in the coming days, more such cafes will be seen in Dubai.

The outer appearance of the robots will be similar to that of women. Besides, the cafe will also have a male-like robot, said the creators of the robot.