It was not acceptable if Rajapaksa was inside the home in Colombo anyway film shot on PDAs showed a gigantic number of people inside

An organization agent, Mohana Samaranayake, said he had no information with respect to whether Rajapaksa had left the home.

Numerous nonconformists, some conveying public pennants, moreover entered the president’s office in one more close by building,

TV film showed. Mavericks issue Rajapaksa for the money related loads and had involved the section to his business environment

Video posted by means of online amusement showed numerous nonconformists running into the president’s home, presenting “Gota get back,”

At the president’s office, safety crew endeavored to stop dissidents who went through the walls and roared the pioneer time Parliament

Something like 34 people including two police were harmed in battles as nonconformists endeavored to enter the home.

Two of the hurt are in essential condition while others have upheld minor injuries, said an authority at the Colombo National Hospital

Extraordinary numerous protesters had entered the capital, Colombo, from the suburbs earlier on Saturday after police lifted

Last month, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the country’s economy has fallen. The public power’s trades with