With a recognizable whirl of military tone, accuracy and horsemanship, Britain started off Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee festivitie

Variety march that saw the 96-year-old ruler show up - two times - without precedent for years on the overhang of Buckingham Palace.

Wearing a light blue coat dress and cap, holding a stick and wearing concealed glasses, the sovereign looked cheerful and indeed,

indeed, even talked to one of her incredible grandkids as she remained on the balcony.She showed up first with one her illustrious cousins

Duke of Kent, to take the salute of her soldiers, and afterward with her more distant family of "working royals"

Contender jets flew in line to make the number '70' overhead over the castle, recognizing the sovereign's phenomenal 70 years on her high

Likewise interestingly, the sovereign "took the salute" from the gallery as positions of red clad mounted and walking British warriors

enormous hordes of individuals on The Mall yelled and rooted for their warmth their long-serving "Platinum Queen."

On the overhang, the sovereign recognized the salute with her cousin, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, 86,both are relatives of King George V

who stood extremely tall in his tactical uniform close to the minor queen.Since the passing of her significant other, Prince Philip,