Vertu was launched on 21 January 2002 and the first collection available later that year. The flagship model "Signature" was launched

in 2003. The key pad has approx 5 carat ruby bearings. Other models include Ascent (2004), Nakshatra Classic (2006), Nakshatra Ayxta (2009)

The Ascent phone is designed to be lightweight and durable, made of aluminum or titanium with vulcanized rubber and leather.The classics

are simple and small handsets. Ayxtas are flip phones that come in many variants and colours. In 2006, Vertu manufactured and released

the Aerius Bluetooth headset designed by Jacob Jensen Design.The Constellation Quest is Vertu's first smartphone to feature a full QWERTY

keyboard made of sapphire sculpted keys. Announced in October 2010, it is styled similar to the Nokia E72 and runs the Symbian S60 operating

system. Its price ranged from £5,000 (stainless steel and leather) to £17,300 (yellow gold). This was followed by the Constellation

the company's first touchscreen model, in October 2011. In February 2013,the Vertu Ti was the first Vertu handset after the sale of Nokia

and uses the Android mobile operating system instead of Symbian.This was followed by Signature Touch in June 2014.The Signature Touch ranged

in price from $10,300/€7,900 for the base model to over $50,000/€44,000 for pure Jet Red Gold.Vertu also madelimited edition handsets

in collaboration with Ferrari and Bentley.The 2017 version of the Vertu Constellation was the last Vertu handset released beforethe company

went bankrupt in 2017. In 2018, Vertu emerged from bankruptcy and introduced the Aster P smartphone at an event in Beijing in October.