No it. She is essentially as shocked as every other person, as a matter of fact. No, it's because of something far, er, stranger

The show, set in 1986, has quite recently gotten back to streaming stage Netflix for an eagerly awaited fourth season

Indeed, at the gamble of running plot spoilers it's the music of decision for the show's grieved young person, Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink).

The melody plays on a circle on her Walkman as she lurks the halls of Hawkins High School looking for comfort

the demise of her sibling (pierced on an enormous outsider limb in the season three finale) and her mom's drinking.

What you hear generally in the show is the frightful melody: "On the off chance that I just could/I'd make an arrangement with God/And I'd 

The melody highlights on Bush's twofold platinum 1985 collection The Hounds Of Love and alongside Wuthering Heights is one

It arrived at number three in the singles graphs in that year. Accepting that Stranger Things is hard,

a song to all things 1980s, came to prepare four without conveying crafted by the famous vocalist some way or another. Be that as it may,

Indeed to be sure. Season four of Stranger Things was delivered on Friday May 27 and inside the space of days Running Up That Hill had hit