Cruise ships are large passenger ships primarily used for vacations. Unlike seaplanes,which are used for transportation

cruise ships usually go on round-trip voyages to various ports, where passengers can go on tours known as "shore

excursions". On "Cruise to Nowhere" or "Nowhere Voyages," cruise ships make two- to three-night round trips

without visiting any ports of call.Modern cruise ships have less hull strength, speed, and agility than marine ships. Although they

have added facilities tocater to water tourists, recent ships have been described as "floating condominiums laden with balconies"

RoyalCaribbean Group was formed in 1997 as Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited when Royal Caribbean Cruise Line purchased Celebrity Cruises.

After the merger it was decided to keep the two cruise line brands separate As a result Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was rebranded Royal

Caribbean International and Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited was established as the new parent company of both Royal Caribbean International

and Celebrity Cruises.A third brand under the ownership of Royal Caribbean Cruises was created in 2000 when Island Cruises was formed

as a joint venture with First Choice Holidays. Island Cruises became an unofficial cruise line in the British and Brazilian markets.