If one partner cheats on another in a relationship or gets involved in an extramarital affair, then everything changes instantly

But a study has shown that if you are a stranger or happy married life! Why is that? What information came up in the study.

The foundation of a relationship is built on faith. When two people love and trust each other, that relationship becomes stronger.

But it only gets worse when it is seen that your partner is secretly involved in a relationship with someone else

When you know your partner is cheating on you, it seems like the relationship is about to end. In this way many relationships are broken.

Did you know that many couples are happy for this extramarital affair? I mean, their relationship is good for foreigners! Although

Missouri State University. Alicia Walker conducted a survey. There is an online dating service for married people called Ashley Madison.

Foreigners brought happiness in their lives, it came up in that survey. Many were happy to know that their partner was having an affair.

Only 7 out of 10 people said that they were happy in their married life after committing adultery. There was all kinds of satisfaction

What happens after the end of the extramarital affair? Does the cheating partner feel remorse or lead a normal life? Do you get