Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a fresh out of the plastic new trailer that is packed with uncovers-player center, is sending off on

They appear to resemble the teachers with one looking ancient while the other is cutting edge with stream fueled legs and a metal body.

On the off chance that you purchase the Scarlet variant, you'll get the old reptile, while Violet is based on the neon hued, android-like

In the recording, we see them roosted on monster rocks in the sea, yet it's not in-game film, so we don't have the foggiest idea how great

Hypothesis is now spinning out of control.One teacher has more worn out and old attire while the other is more current, verging on advanced

resembling the two new legendaries. This has ignited hypotheses around one game being set before, the other later on

or on the other hand the two games including time travel in some design following on from Legends Arceus' own meddling with time.

In any case, we at long last have a brief look at the legendaries we'll embark to get on our mission to be the absolute best. Also,

there are a few fascinating inquiries to be posed to about our more cutting edge companion who is apparently counterfeit.

We can see joints, metal plating, and phony electrical spikes, all highlighting a produced incredible, while the other is plainly natural