The Mona Lisa was the subject of endeavored defacement on Sunday when a guest to the undeniably popular Louver exhibition hall in Paris

The man, who seemed to wear a hairpiece in recordings of the episode shared via online entertainment, moved toward the canvas 

piece of cake at the fine art, as indicated by a proclamation from the Louver. Recordings of the outcome show him by walking with 

"A guest reenacted a handicap to utilize a wheelchair to move toward the work, which was introduced in a safe presentation case.

regular systems for individuals with diminished portability, permitting them to respect this significant masterpiece," the assertion noted.

"While remaining close to the canvas, this individual tossed a cake he had concealed in his own effects at the Mona Lisa's glass case.

A representative explained that guests in wheelchairs are permitted to move before other historical center participants to more 

An unhinged youthful male guest camouflaged as an old woman in a wheelchair tossed a piece of cake at Leonardo Da Vicini's Mona

The kid stood up from his seat and showcased his fury at what is likely the most well known show-stopper, which traces all the way back 

Notwithstanding, since the work of art is safeguarded by unbeatable glass, the rich item never arrived at its objective.