The construction of Mecca Masjid began in the year 1617 CE, during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah, the sixth

Qutb Shahi Sultan of Golconda (now Hyderabad). The ruler personally laid its foundation stone. About 8,000 workers

were employed for the construction of the mosque. It was completed in 1693 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The

three arched façades are carved from a single piece of granite, which took five years to quarry.Jean-Baptiste

Tavernier, a French explorer, said in his travelogue.It has been almost 50 years since he started the construction of a

magnificent pagoda in the city, which when completed will be the grandest in the whole of India. The size of the stone is

a matter of particular accomplishment, and a niche, which is its place for prayer, is an entire rock of such enormous size

that they spent five years excavating it, and 500 to 600 men were continuously hired for its at work. It needed more time

to take it to the transport by which they brought it to the pagoda; And they took 1400 oxen to pull him.Mecca Masjid isa

considered one of the best architectural works of the Qutb Shahis. It is built entirely from finished stone, rather than rubble or plaster.