In a two-piece, Lais Ribeiro can be tracked down in a quality of feeling with her significant other before the ocean.

Lais Ribeiro : In a bathing suit, Lais Ribeiro can be tracked down in an erotic air with her significant other by the ocean.

Lys Ribeiroformer Victoria's Secret style model, takes advantage of this Tuesday morning (2) and shares on the ocean side of Ipanemain,

In a bathing suit, the 32-year-old greatness picked a plainly planned model and wore conceals, as well as a cap that shielded her

the singing sun of the extraordinary city. In the snaps, she is seen getting close to home with her playmate.

In certain records, Lys Ribeiro has all the earmarks of being partaking in a corn, while recovering her bronze, while lying on the sand by the ocean

featuring her effortless bends and normal body. The brunette really flaunted a tattoo she has close to her ribs.

Lys Ribeiro wedded Joaquim Noah, Trancoso, Bahia, on 13 July. The celebration unites the couple's friends and family. The model from Piauí,

hence, breaks up while depicting the sensation of strolling down the way in her country with the past American game star.

shares on the ocean side of Ipanemain, in the southern district of Rio de Janeiro, to the previous NBA player Joachim Noah,