In the early 1990s, a new definition of supercomputer was needed to produce meaningful data. After experimenting with metrics based on

processor count in 1992, the idea arose to use a comprehensive list of systems installed at the University of Mannheim as a basis.

In early 1993, Jack Dongra was persuaded to join the project with his LINPACK benchmark. The first trial version was produced in May 1993

partly based on data available on the Internet, including the following sources. List of the World's Most Powerful Computing Sites"

Maintained by Günter AhrendtDavid Kahner, director of the Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP), published a report in 1992 titled

"The Kahner Report on Supercomputers in Japan", which contained an enormous amount of data.Information from those sources was used for

the first two lists. Since June 1993, the TOP500 is produced bi-annually based only on site and vendor submissions.Since 1993, the

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performance of the No. 1 rank position according to Moore's Law has steadily increased, doubling approximately every 14 months. In June 2018

the summit was the fastest with a peak of 187.6593 PFLOPS. For comparison, this connection machine is 1,432,513 times faster than