When threatened, snakes hiss, flatten their necks and lift their heads off the ground like a cobra. They sometimes

pretend attacks, but actual heterodon bites are very rare. This behavior has earned them local common names such as

"puff adder", "blowing adder", "flathead", "spreadhead", "spreading adder" or "hissing adder". Note: For Heterodon,

"puff adder" is a generic name incompatible with established usage. "Puff adder" is the accepted common name for Bitis

aeritans, an unrelated, dangerously venomous African snake species that does not coincidentally flatten its neck in any

threat display.If this threat display fails to deter a potential predator, Heterodon species will often roll over on their

backs and play dead, even with a foul-smelling musk and fecal matter from their cloaca (in liquid form). and allows its

tongue to stick out. From their mouth, sometimes with tiny droplets of blood. If they roll straight into this state, they

often back down as if to insist that they are indeed dead. It has been observed that the snake appears to be dead, yet

will see the danger that has caused the death. If danger is watching the snake then the snake will 'resurrect' soon.