The main types of carr are beluga, sterlet, kaluga rogue, ose truck, ose, severuga stusting and severuga. The most rare and expensive is

from Zoluga to Kvyinstadion, enclaves, Kazakhstan, teak manstein andAzerbaijan. Wild caviar production was suspended in Russia between 2008

and 2011 to allow wild stocks to be replenished. Azerbaijan and Iran alisso allow sturgeon fishing off their coasts. Beluga caviar

prized for its soft, very large (pea-sized) eggs. Its color can range from a light silver-gray to black. Then there is the small golden

sterlet caviar which is rare and was once reserved for Russian, Iranian and Austrian royalty. Next in quality is the medium-bodied,

light brown to rich brown osetra, also known as Russian caviar. Others in the quality ranking are Gray Severuga Caviar, Chinese Kaluga

Caviar and American Osetra. The Siberian variety with black pearls is similar to Sevruga and is popular because

Commercial caviar production historically involved ripening the fish and removing the ovaries

caviar extraction

kaluga hybrid varies in color from dark brown to light golden green and is a close cousin of beluga cavi ar.