Antelope Canyon is best visited exclusively through guided tours, as rain can flood quickly during the monsoon season.

No rain is needed at or near the Antelope Canyon slots to whip through a flash flood; Rain falling dozens of miles away

can funnel into them with little notice.On August 12, 1997, a flash flood in Lower Antelope Canyon killed eleven tourists,

including seven from France, one from the United Kingdom, one from Sweden and two from the United States. There was

little rain that day, but the first thunderstorm carried large amounts of water 7 miles (11 km) upstream into the basin of

the valley. The lone survivor was tour guide Francisco "Pancho" Quintana, who had previously undergone fast-

water training. At the time, the ladder system consisted of amateur-built wooden ladders that were swept away by a flood. Today,

ladder systems are bolted into place, and cargo nets positioned at the top of the canyon are installed. A NOAA weather radio from

the National Weather Service and an alarm horn are on hand at the fee booth. Despite improved warning and protection systems, the risk of

injury from flash floods still exists. On 30 July 2010, two flash floods in Upper Antelope Canyon left many tourists stranded on a ledge.