Amanda Seyfried uncovered behind the stage that she went for the job of Glinda the Good Witch in John M. Chu's forthcoming "shrewd" melodic film variation,

yet the creation was about pop star Ariana Grande. Oscar-assigned Seyfried doesn't feel sorry about anything. An unbelievable difference. Going

demonstrated to Seyfried that her melodic performing voice was her solid area, she must be aware of despising the manner in which she sounded

I have dreams that I'm really going after for 'underhandedness,'" Seyfried says. "The past summer when I was playing Elizabeth

toward the week's end I was trying out to play Glinda in the film type of 'Naughty' - on the grounds that I wanted it I was like,

Learn to expect the unexpected. ? Obviously, I need to do the last scene of 'The Dropout' on Tuesday. I'll give you my Sunday.

Seyfried added, "Yet I think it likewise showed me how far I've come as a vocalist, which I truly need to grandstand. Since 'Les Mis,' I was like, I ought to be better

Hooper Seyfried played Cosette inverse Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne and more in "Les Misérables." The performer told Variety in 2021 that he lamented

I've had a lot of minutes in my profession where I've felt complete lament," Seyfried said. "I need to attempt 'Les Misérables' once more completely

I think when I'm nearer to the home scene, that is where I truly am. As in I can cry and feel what I'm truly feeling and be accessible to it