The new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which appeared Wednesday, flaunted the game's charming new Pokémon.

We got a look into this age's starters in real life (regardless of whether we actually don't have a lot of data about their developments.)

The trailer additionally presented three new pocket beasts: Smoliv, Pawmi, and Lechonk. What's more, fans are as of now flipping out over

Lechonk!! Welcome to the round boi pantheon. Wooloo, Spheal, and Rowlet hive collect. We have another cycle one in our middle. Check that

with bumpy little legs, small hooves, sluggish eyes, floppy ears, and a respectable, articulated snout.All hail Lechonk,

Lechonk is unbiasedly the ideal name for this powerful lil fellow. All in all, have you checked him out? "Lechon" likewise implies nursing

to get more unambiguous, it's a specific pork readiness — yet don't stress over that approaching to completion

Lechonk is a truffle hoard, here to utilize his sniffer! This new Pokémon "utilizes its feeling of smell to find

what's more, eat just the most fragrant wild grasses as per a delivery. Additionally, fundamentally, however he chonk he stronk. Lechonk's

In spite of this tank strength, Lechonk is a bashful fella. At the point when a rival assaults, or when frightened, Lechonk will