A wonderful character actor with sharp eyes, a sly grin and a somewhat frivolous look, Golden Globe-winner Fred Ward has nearly

90 appearances in several groundbreaking films under his belt. He first became interested in acting after serving three years in the

US Air Force and studied at the Herbert Berghoff Studio in New York. Ward then went to Europe, where he dubbed several Italian films,

and first appeared on screen in two of Roberto Rossellini's films. He then returned to the United States, and received his first good role

in the nail-biting prison film Escape from Alcatraz (1979) with Clint Eastwood. Ward's looks often saw him as law enforcement

or military characters, and he made notable appearances as astronaut Gus Grissom in The Right Stuff (1983), in Southern Comfort (1981),

Uncommon Valor (1983), and in Interesting played the main role. The spy/martial arts movie Remo Williams: The Adventure

Begins (1985), which unfortunately was not as successful as the mega-selling series of books by Remo Williams.