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Today we observe Saint Mark the Evangelist, who is designated “the winged lion”

Today, April 25, the Catholic Church praises the dining experience of Saint Mark the Evangelist, devotee of the missionary Saint Peter and creator of the second Gospel of the New Testament.

the winged lion

Like the other Evangelists, the custom of the Church has described Saint Mark with an image taken from an entry in the book of Revelation, composed by the messenger Saint John: “The principal Living Being looks like a lion, the second a bull, the third has a face like a man, and the fourth resembles a hawk in flight” (Rev 4:7).

The image of San Marcos is the lion, to which wings have been added, addressing profound height. The figure of the Lion is by all accounts an implication to the manner in which Mark starts his Gospel story. In any case, the story acquaints us with John the Baptist, “the voice that cries in the desert”, an articulation that brings out the thunder of the lion, a creature that possesses where the occasions occur. Furthermore, the previously mentioned desert, which encompasses the Jordan, is where monsters proliferate and whose ruler is the lion. The desert, as a rule, makes up the foundation scene that encompasses the life and expressions of Jesus in his entry through the earth.

Through the witnesses Peter and Paul

San Marcos was initially from the Jerusalem region and, in that capacity, had a place with the Jewish public. In the Acts of the Apostles, Mark seems going with Paul and Barnabas, his cousin, en route to Antioch on their most memorable preacher venture. Later he would likewise go with them to the city of Rome. Later Marcos isolated from them in Perga and got back. Afterward, Barnabas would likewise isolate from Paul and set out toward Cyprus to meet his cousin. Years after the fact, San Marcos and San Pablo would participate in another teacher trip.

The Evangelist likewise made a long excursion with Saint Peter, going with him to Rome. Whoever was the primary pope used to allude to him as “my child”. That relationship of trust and closeness among Peter and Mark can be seen in the last option’s record of the existence of Our Lord. Mark safeguarded the immediate declaration of the best of the missionaries, Saint Peter. The Gospel as indicated by Saint Mark was presumably composed during the 60s after Christ.

Mark, after his movements, got comfortable Alexandria, where he drove the Christian people group and established his renowned school. Custom expresses that he kicked the bucket a saint around there around the year 68. Today, as an outcome of his presence in that land, he is adored as Patron of the Coptic Church. His relics presently rest in the Venice Cathedral.
5 similarly, more youthful individuals, be dependent upon the elderly folks. Lowliness towards each other should be the piece of clothing all of you wear continually, on the grounds that God goes against the glad yet concurs his approval to the humble.
6 Bow down, then, before the force of God now, so he might bring you up eventually;

7 dump all your weight on to him, since he is worried about you.

8 Keep clearheaded and alert, in light of the fact that your adversary Satan is lurking here and there like a thundering lion, searching for somebody to eat up.

9 Stand dependent upon him, solid in confidence and in the information that it is the very sort of experiencing that the local area of your siblings all through the world is going through.
10 You should languish just over a short time: the God of all elegance who called you to everlasting magnificence in Christ will reestablish you, he will affirm, fortify and uphold you.

11 His power goes on for ever and ever. So be it.

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