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Lauren Boebert begins the week with quite possibly of her most idiotic tweet yet.

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Lauren Boebert begins the week with quite possibly of her most idiotic tweet yet.

There was a heartbreaking, shooting occurrence at a shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark, yesterday. Three individuals were killed and four harmed. Police later captured a 22-year-old Danish man with a background marked by emotional well-being issues. They accept it was an irregular assault and not illegal intimidation related.
Such shootings are uncommon in Denmark. The nation midpoints around 49 killings every year, and not those are firearm related.

For Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, it was an amazing chance to remind everybody how right she accepts she is with regards to weapon regulations.
“There was only a mass shooting in Denmark, a country with probably the strictest firearm regulations in Europe,” Boebert tweeted. “Now is the ideal time to concede that weapon regulations DO NOT stop mass shootings!”

For setting, what occurred in Denmark yesterday was the most horrendously terrible weapon assault in the country since February 2015, when a 22-year-elderly person was killed in a shootout with police subsequent to going on a shooting binge that left two individuals dead and five officials harmed. The nation has not had a school shooting beginning around 1994.

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