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NEWSKFM : Idaho primary election 2022 : Indiana primary election 2022, Githens, Hall win primaries for House District 62. ohio republican primary 2022 : Penny Githens is the possible champ for the Democratic Primary in District 62 and Dave Hall is the hypothetical Republican chosen one for District 62.

Githens will confront Hall in the November political race.

Indiana House District 62 incorporates all of Brown County and portions of Monroe and Jackson County.

Monroe County Commissioner Penny Githens crushed Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain in the Democratic essential.

indiana election results : “I’m feeling incredible this evening,” Githens said. “Also, part of the explanation I feel better is a result of all the help I’ve had from the local area. Furthermore, all through the area, here in Monroe County, yet additionally in Jackson County and in Brown County.”

ohio primary election 2022 : Understand MORE: Full political race inclusion, live outcomes and updates

Githens filled an opening on the leading group of officials in 2019. She won re-appointment in 2020, and her term terminates in 2024. While she’s campaigning for state position, she will keep on filling in as district official.

ohio election 2022 : Githens let said in November know that she understood a portion of the issues she attempted to address at the area level ought to be tended to at the local or state level. She said numerous unhoused individuals in Monroe County come from encompassing regions. A ton of the unhoused experience the ill effects of psychological sickness and substance misuse problems and aren’t furnished with the important therapy, she said.

ohio election results 2022 ; Different issues on Githens’ foundation incorporate laying out all inclusive pre-K in Indiana and expanding the lowest pay permitted by law.

shontel brown : Jackson County Council part Hall crushed competitor Greg Knott in a nearby race for the District 62 Republican essential seat in the Indiana House of Representatives, with the race getting petulant, on occasion.

mike dewine : The Indiana House District 62 incorporates all of Brown County and portions of Monroe and Jackson County.

ohio primary 2022 : Corridor has lived in Jackson County his whole life and was chosen as an at-large representative for district board in 2015. Corridor said in November that he doesn’t consider himself a polarizing Republican.
Lobby is supportive of life and favorable to Second Amendment, as indicated by his site. He was embraced by Indiana Right to Life. Different issues on Hall’s foundation incorporate political decision honesty, making extension willful and admittance to high velocity web.

ohio senate race 2022 : Lobby expressed perhaps his proudest achievement on district gathering was laying out a work discharge office instead of growing the area prison. The program chipped away at giving abilities to detained individuals and assisting some leave the office with cash in their financial records.
The Indiana statewide essential political decision occurred Tuesday, choosing each party’s possibility for the overall political race on Nov. 8. Here are the outcomes for Monroe County’s 2022 primaries.

Note: This rundown doesn’t contain the outcomes for the Monroe County Democratic and Republican Convention Delegate races.
U.S. Representative Indiana

Leftist: Thomas McDermott, Jr., unopposed

Conservative: Todd Young (occupant), unopposed

U.S. House Representative District 9

D: Matthew Fyfe

R: Erin Houchin

State House Representative

Region 46:

D: Kurtis Cummings, unopposed

R: Bob Heaton (occupant), unopposed

Region 60:

D: No applicant

R: Peggy Mayfield (occupant)

Region 61:

D: Matt Pierce (occupant), unopposedR: No applicant

Region 62:

D: Penny Githens

R: Greg Knott

Monroe County Circuit Court Judge, tenth Judicial Circuit

No. 1

D: Holly Harvey (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

No. 4

D: Mary Ellen Diekhoff (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

No. 7

D: Emily Salzmann

R: Carl Lamb, unopposed

Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney, tenth Judicial Circuit

D: Erika Oliphant (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

Monroe County Circuit Court Clerk

D: Nicole Browne (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

Monroe County Recorder

D: Amy Swain

R: Paul White Sr., unopposed

Monroe County Sheriff

D: Ruben D Marté

R: Nathan P Williamson, unopposed

Monroe County Assessor

D: Judith Sharp (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

Monroe County Commissioner, District 1

D: Lee Jones (occupant)

R: Perry Robinson, unopposed

Monroe County Council

Region 1

D: Peter Iversen (occupant), unopposed

R: Jim Allen, unopposed

Region 2

D: Kate Wiltz (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

Region 3

D: No applicant

R: Martha Hawk (occupant), unopposed

Region 4

D: Jennifer Crossley (occupant), unopposed

R: No applicant

Bloomington Township Trustee, Monroe County

D: Efrat Feferman, unopposed

R: No applicant

Bloomington Township Board Member, Monroe County

D: Barbara McKinney

R: No applicant

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