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NEWSKFM : 27.06.2022 : Pure essential oils have always been very expensive. They have been considered precious medicine. In Egypt they were used not only for medicinal but also for cosmetic purposes 2022. Until the 19th century all perfumes were made from essential oils Aromatherapy. when synthetic fragrances developed around 1930, aromatherapy and the perfume industed parted company. Today only a very small number of perfumes are produced from pure essential oils 2022.

Even when well produced, the quality of essential oils will vary 2022. Like wines they have good years and bad years 2022. The perfume industry needed to rely on oils that were stable and inexpensive 2022. This fact has been responsible for the rapid development of synthetic oils, which have been perfected to such a degree that its difficult to tell them from the real thing. A purportedly pure oil can just as well be a product from a test tube. The high price of the pure essential oils is the reason for most of the mixing and diluting that is called blending in the indudtry 2022. For example, when the price for a quart of synthetic jasmine oil ranged between $8 and $50, a quart of pure essential oil jasmine oil was over $2,000. It is common knowledge, for instance, that pure essential oil- produced in the South of France-is often sold at a lower price by dealers than the farmer or distiller was paid.


This is possible because synthetic substances ( sauce ) are added 2022. Synthetic oils, or oils blended with synthetic substances, 2022 are unacceptable for use in aromatherapy, they have no healing properties. On the contrary, these synthetic oils may be endanger your health-causing allergies and weakening the  immune system 2022. Synthetic oils are never pure. They contain by products that cannot be easily identified and their effects are unknown 2022. They are devoid of vitality and energy, and it is precisely the vital energy in pure essential oils Aromatherapy that is responsible for their positive, healing effect on mind and body 2022.

Essential oils are complex and many of their numerous substances remain unidentified 2022. The small number of substances we do know about are extremely effective 2022. At one time, the unknown fragrant substances ( building blovks ) in essential oils were considered impurities, but today we know they are active, energy-substances. How potent are they ? Aroma researchers have discovered a substance in green peppers so concentrated that the fragrance from less then one drop can be detected in an Olympic-size swimming pool.


The essential oils effect is due to the interplay of all substances it contains. Thats why it is so important that essential oils be used in their whole, undiluted form and not as incomplete imitations. The enormous vital energy that radiates from pure essential Aromatherapy oils and the weakness of synthetic oils can be measured with a divining rod or Geiger counter.The results are similar to those shown in Kirlian photography and other related methods 2022. A synthetic oil is is a dead product. In the eyes of holistic practitioners, it should not be used for healing, strengthening, or health promoting purposes.

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