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flash flood warning – Streak flood warning on Tuesday, dry on Friday.

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NEWSKFM : 26.07.2022 :  flash flood warning : St. Louis Heavy rains and tempests Tuesday morning are as yet covering streets.

Streak flood warnings are set up until 8 a.m Progressive clearing will start Tuesday night as temperatures top out during the 80s
Showers and rainstorms are typical through Thursday, however there will be droughts with high temperatures during the 80s. Friday and Saturday will be dry with an extra opportunity of showers on Sunday and Monday
More downpour, weighty now and again.

More downpour and T-storms today could convey some locally weighty flooding. A flood watch stays basically until 2pm EST for the majority of the region south of I-70. A part of these areas effectively saw weighty precipitation of 2-4″ following 24 hours. There will be a break today, yet another shower/t-storm is logical tonight. Temperatures will be during the 70s today and tonight. The opportunity of heavy downpour doesn’t end until Thursday. By Friday and into the week’s end, a few dry weather patterns will move in Temperatures will be cooler than ordinary before the week’s over with highs during the 80s

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